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Our Premiere Issue: Fall, 2002


     of CALIFORNIA                    HISTORY
                  Not too many years ago, the family station wagon was the magic carpet to adventure. Today that family station wagon is likely to be a four wheel drive sport utility vehicle.  SUV's and other 4x4's are one of the best-selling classes of vehicles.  Ironically industry statistics show that once purchased, few owners will dare to drive their vehicles off the paved highway.  Click your mouse through our website and enjoy our armchair adventures & the histories behind them.  If you are interested in actually taking a guided tour in your vehicle, check out our ECOLOGICAL 4-WHEELING ADVENTURES and see if something suits you!
Several years ago, we bought our first sports utility vehicle.  We went to a one night class at a local community college entitled "How To 4-Wheel Drive" by Harry Lewellyn.  The following weekend we attended the hands-on one day tour. We liked what we were doing so much, that we began going out nearly every weekend and learned how to negotiate a variety of dirt roads.  Our spare time was spent doing research on the history and ecology of our favorite areas.  A one-day outing turned into 15 years of leading other people on min-vacations throught Southern California and the Owens Valley. 
Our 4WD outings involve driving on easy to moderate dirt roads and are ideally suited to novice and intermediate level drivers.  All tours are suitable for stock vehicles in  good condition, although some tours do have size restrictions. 
We share our knowledge of the back country over the CB radio with our guests.  We frequently stop to explore mining areas old and new, and ponder the rocks, plants and animals we may encounter.  We'll occassionally visit an old cabin, or deserted lookout. 
California has a fascinating history, from geologic unrest and pre-historic petroglyph scribes to the Radium Queen of the Mojave and the Human Mole of Black Mountain.  Load up your 4X, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to explore historic California!
          Roger & Cecile & Marty


Our Tours for Ecological
4-Wheeling Adventures


Piute Passage


Land of Volcanoes                             


Fat Hill Fandango                               


Monache Meanderings                     


By God To Bodie!


Golden Leaves & Golden Trails      


Kernville Kaper


Mojave Expedition

& Randsburg Recon


Jawbone Journey               


Moose Anderson Days


( 2003 schedule coming soon!)