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Legend of the Oprah Rock

Twisted History, Ghost Stories, Myths, Legends & Lore Discovered on the Dusty Trail!

Legend of the Oprah Rock

Tour Participants Trying to Locate Oprah Rock

Throughout the desert you will find ancient Indian petroglyphs.  Often near these sights you find the rock foundations from the Indian house circles.  Near the house circles you find the bedrock mortars, where the old Indian women would sit for hours on end and grind nuts and seeds, and whatever else they could think of to grind.  We have seen not only the petroglyphs, but the house circles, and the bedrock  mortars of these ancient Indians.  We have seen the buttock marks permanently indented in the rock near the bedrock mortars.  This proves the long hours these poor ancient Indian women spent grinding food.  Not like they had a lot else to do in those days, you know. 


If you look really carefully, usually not too far from the ancient Indian house circles with the bedrock mortars and the buttock indentations, you will usually find a giant rock with a square flat front.  The Indian women were usually very close with the Indian Shamans.  They were known to donate their young Indian maiden daughters to the Indian Shamans on many occasions.  In return the Shaman would do the Great Oprah Rock Dance. After great ceremony, the Oprah show would magically appear on the front of the giant rock, entertaining the ancient Indian women for hours on end.


Now the ancient Indian men were not so inclined to donate their young Indian warrior sons to the Shaman, but once in a great while after the Indian men, young and old alike, would come back from the ancient Indian hunting grounds, the Shaman would bless the Indian hunters with an evening of Monday Night Sports.  The Monday Night Sport Rock, is not, however, as prevalent in the desert as the Giant Oprah Rock....


Just look around you next time you travel in the desert and sometimes in the forests, you will notice even where there are not petroglyphs or house circles, or bedrock mortars, there tend to be lots of Great Oprah Rocks around.  In ancient days, as today, Oprah was quite popular!

photo by RWVARGO

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