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Explore Historic California


Christmas Carols Our Way

Oh dusty town of Bodie!
How still we see the lie;
Below thy mines and old stamp mills
The miners ghosts go by;
Yet in thy old board buildings
Creaking with the wind;
The sweat and tears and miners' fears
Are with us at road's end.
How silently, how silently,
Our vehicles drive to!
As we depart from city life,
And wander from the new.
We're searching for the history,
Of the times of old;
We yearn to know about the time,
When men mined your hills for gold.
Oh little town of Bodie,
Arrested in decay!
What were you really like,
In your big heyday?
The bad men and the miners
The women who serviced them;
We can only imagine,
What times were like back then. 
It's Christmas time in Bodie,
The winds howling through old boards,
The snows have drifted to second floors,
No more visitors in hoards.
Park rangers in their snowcats,
The curious on skis and sleds
Are all that left to hear us
"Merry Christmases" are said!

I came upon a little town,
at the top of the road.
Where miners toiled and made men rich;
in the days of old!
From dusty dirt roads in 4-wheel drive,
history comes to life!
Peaceful town, ghosts only know;
now nestled in the snow.
Much like the wagon of olden days,
with dust clouds billowing round'
we travel through the mud, rocks and snow.....
to see what can be found.
Above the foothills-much further up,
hiding amongst the cloud.....
We find old buildings falling down,
winds whistling oh so loud.
For lo, the road hastens on,
with stories old miners have told.....
Of silver, gold and copper mines,
and riches as such unfold.
Look all about, and all around!
Treasures are all abound!
It's Christmas time, Christmas is near!
Wha a gift to spend it here!

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the desert....."