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Cerro Gordo Mines

Cerro Gordo Mines


Historic Cerro Gordo Ghost Town is now available by reservation.  You and your group can now enjoy the 1868 townsite; including the 1871 American Hotel, the fully restored 1904 Bunkhouse (accomodating up to 12), and the 1868 Belshaw House (accomdating up to 4).  You will enjoy colorful history and artifacts in the General Store (now a museum, complete with viewing deck) an assay office, the 1877 Hoist Works, and numerous other remaining structures.  Cerro Gordo, a  museum in restorative resuse, is billed as the only bed and cook your own breakfast ghost town in the world.
The townsite is perfect for photography clubs and workshops!  Unlike Bodie, Cerro Gordo is privately owned and you set your own shooting schedule according to the light and not the clock.  The photo opportunities are too numerous to mention.  The views are truly spectacular.  you can see the majestic Mount Whitney, the Sierras reflected on the Owens Lake playa, vibrant sunsets and beautiful pink and gold sunrises.
The townsite, closed to collectors for nearly 2 decades, is also the perfect local for rock and mineral collectors.  The site features several hundred thousand tons of dump materials from the main mine workings (seven levels, 37 miles of tunnels).  No underground touring is permitted.No artifact collecting.
Cerro Gordo is world renown for: 
Angelsite, anhydrite, argentite, atacamite, aurichalcite, azurite, barite, bindheimite, bouronite, calicite, caledonite, cermrgyrite, cerussite, ceruantite, chrysocolla, dufrenoysite, fluonte, galena, geothite, greenockite, hemimorphite, hollosite, hydrozincite, jamesonite, leadhillite, limonite, linerite, liroconite, malachite, minerite, plumgumite, pyrite, quartz, silver, smithsonite, sphalerite, stibnite, stromyerite, tetrahedrite, tetrajymite, wilemite, and wulfenite.
You and your group can be comfortably accomodated on site.  However, if you require a little less "ambience" and more conventional creature comforts, the picturesque little town of Lone Pine nestled at the foot of the Sierras is only 20 miles away. 
For further information, rates, and a customized itnerary, please contact:
             CERRO GORDO TOURS (760) 876-1860
                           John & Roxie Bowden
                           P.O. Box 154
                           Keeler, California 93530
            Day visits can be arranged from 9AM-3PM.