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Explore Historic California


Tour Info:Piute Passage/Land of Volcanoes
Piute Passage/Land of Volcanoes


Piute Passage  
$(140) per SUV (1or 2 people) June 7-8, 2003
$35 additional passenger                 ($166 after April 26)
Easy-Moderate trip through Jawbone Canyon into Kelso Valley.  Camp in the Piute Mountains (6,700 ft) Saturday night then on to Isabella Sunday morning.  Optional raft tour on the Kern River Sunday afternoon.  Tour meets near Mojave and ends in Kernville-Lake Isabella area (Kern Co.)

Beginner's Welcome!!
Optional raft tour not included.


Land of Volcanoes
$300 per SUV  (1 or 2 people) 
June 21-23, 2003
$75additional passenger  
($380 after May 10)
Seen the films, "Volcano" or "Dante's Peak"?  The REAL forces of Mother Nature are close at hand in the northern Owens Valley.  Stay two nights in or near Mammoth and explore Owens Valley from the Chalfant petroglyphs to the geologically active Long Valley Caldera.  See geological forces at work in Hot Creek.  Tour prehistoric Mono Lake by canoe.  Explore area mining history.  Easy-Moderate 4-wheeling.  Tour starts in Bishop and ends in Mammoth Lakes (Inyo & Mono Counties).

Camp or Motel
Beginners Welcome!
Mono Lake canoe tour fee and accomodations not included.

Fat Hill Fandango

Monache Meanderings

By God To Bodie/Golden Leaves Golden Trails

Kernville Kaper

Mojave Expedition & Bonus Trip

Jawbone Journey