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Tour Info:Piute Passage/Land of Volcanoes
Slice of California History
Legends & Lore
Cerro Gordo Mines
A Bit Of Cerro Gordo History
Diary From the Old Fat Hill
Memories of Jody, Pam, & Cerro Gordo
Marty's Photo album
Photo Album
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Photo Album 3
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Photo Album 5
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Reader's Contributions:Camping The Mojave With Children
Camping The Mojave With Children Part II
Reader's Contributions: A Monorail in Death Valley
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Contributors Guidelines

We want to hear stories, true or farce, from your adventures exploring California's history. We especially love to hear about ghost towns, and mines! Please try to keep your stories under 1,000 words! There are no particular guidelines other than that. Sorry, we'd like to pay you for your contributions, but we don't get paid for doing this either. However, the sheer pleasure of seeing your name in print for the rest of the electronic world to view, should be sufficient motivation! It worked for us, anyway! We do reserve the right to edit your submissions.