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Explore Historic California


Articles from Past Editions

Legends & Lore

Christmas Carols Our Way

The Elves of the Hardrock Mines

The Invisible Footprints of Mono Mills

Jake & The Masonic Log

Mrs. Townsend of Mammoth City

The Mysterious Footprints of the Bodie Railway

A Slice of California History

The Butcher of Bodie & His Bride

The Great Lone Pine Earthquake

A Patchwork of Old Calico

Randsburg: A Heap of Gold

The Randsburg Railway

William Henry "Burro" Schmidt

Yule Tide Trails & Merry Mining Camps

Reader's Contributions

Camping The Mojave With Children by David Taylor

A Monorail in Death Valley by John Church

The Hidden Treasure Story by John Church

The Smuggler's Cave by John Church