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Recommended Reading Materials

Recommended Reading

Rancho Tujunga: A History of Sunland/Tujunga  
Sarah R. Lombard (Sunland Women's Club)
Mines of the San Gabriels 
John W. Robinson (La Siesta Press)
The San Gabriels: The Mountain Country From
            Soledad Canyon to Lytle Creek
John W. Robinson (Big Santa Anita Historical Society)
The San Gabriels:  Southern California
                                            Mountain Country
John W. Robinson (Golden West Books, San Marino)
A Guide to Rock Art Sites
David S. Whitley (Mountain Press)
Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of California
Remi Nadeau (Crest Publishers)
Mining Camp Days
Emil W. Billeb (Nevada Publications)
Death Valley and The Amargosa:  A Land of Illusion
Richard E. Lingenfelter (Univercity of California Press)
History of the Donner Party:  A Tragedy of the Sierra
C.F. Mc Glashan (Stanford University Press
Ordeal by Hunger
George R. Stewart (Washington Square Press)