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From Our Mailbag:

Denver from message board writes:
      Have you ever heard of the Pushawalla Canyon Trail?  It was an old freight/mining route out of Joshua Tree national Monument.  It has been closed for severeal years.  I first heard about it in the now defunct Desert Magazine.  It is a beautiful trail, in relatively good shape when I last had the privilege of traveling over it.  The story I read said that in the steep areas of the trail, the heavily loaded ore wagons had to use a log under the wagon wheels.  They slowly drug the log down to let the wagon advance.  Near the top of the trail was a forest of scrub pines with several ideal camp sites.  There was a lookout point where you could look down upon the vast Coachella Valley.  It was a much prettier spot than the present day lookout point, with it's paved road and gillions of tourists!

Clay Taylor from DUSA messageboard sent us a beautiful
post card from this Native American Postcard Site:
Thanks, Clay!